Financial Accountability & Audit Panel

Open Space Preservation District 

Since the City’s invormporation in 1987, the City has made a significant effort to preserve the greenbelt and undeveloped land within and outside the City.

Preserving open space in and around the City has always been an important priority for the community and City Council.  In July 2007, City of Santa Clarita property owners voted in favor of creating the Open Space Preservation District (OSPD).  the District is designed to expand the City’s existing Open Space, Park and Parkland Program in order to preserve natural land from development, create more parks for community usage, and protect rare biological and geological regions.

The special assessment paid by City property owners gives the City a seat at the table to purchase land that could otherwise be developed and put pressure on the City’s precious natural resources.  Additionally, the Open Space Preservation District greatly assists the City in preserving natural lands, retaining wildlife corridors, and completing the City’s greenbelt buffer.

Financial Accountability and Audit Panel

The purpose of the Financial Accountability and Audit Panel is to:

  • Review and approve the annual work program to ensure land acquisition priorities are adhered to.
  • Review the accounting of the funds generated by the Preservation District.
  • Work in conjunction with the City’s independent auditor to ensure that the Preservation District funds were spent properly and that good fiscal management of the funds is occurring.
  • Make determinations as to whether the proposed expenditures are consistent with the criteria and the requirements established in the Engineer’s Report.
  • Prepare an annual written report for the public, summarizing the items above.

The Panel will not be responsible for the selection of land to be acquired by the City; rather, prospective land acquisition is the responsibility and authority of the City Council. Additional responsibilities, duties, and guidelines of the Panel will be outlined and formally approved in the Panel’s Bylaws.

Current Panel Members

James Farley
Wendy Langhans
Susan Orloff
Spence Leafdale
Henry Schultz


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