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Golden Valley Ranch Open Space – a new discovery for mountain biking! Photos by Dr. Norm Herr

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  1. I recently hiked at Mentryville with my dog Keeva who I had on a leash at all times. On the way down, I could see a large Pitt Bull and two young boys much father behind their dog. Once their dog saw us, he immediately charged us and the teens were not able to catch up in time nor control their dog when they did. Their dog was aggressive but I was able to put myself in-between the dogs so no dogs or people were injured. Unfortunately, there were no rangers or officials anywhere to report this to. I Think that there should be a serious fine and a way to more strictly enforce the leash law or have personnel on dog friendly trails. This could have been very tragic and irresponsible dog owners need to be held accountable. I do not want to hike with my dog now as a result of this experience.

    • Mentryville is a California State Park and is not within the City of Santa Clarita. It is managed by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA). The MRCA’s rangers are peace officers and are authorized to cite for violation of the posted rules. Their rules state that all dogs must be on leash and must be under the immediate control of their owners, and no person shall bring an aggressive dog into any parkland. You may contact the MRCA Chief Ranger at Thanks for sharing your information on this site.

  2. I recently hiked nearly all of the various routes in Quigley Canyon. I started fairly early in the morning, and was surprised to see a deer at the start of the Coyote Loop! All in all, Quigley Canyon isn’t exactly what anyone would call “wilderness,” as there is no point on any of the trails where you can’t see a house, or power line, or pipeline somewhere in the distance. Still, I did enjoy being around some great old Oak trees near the abandoned stables and around Fox’s Loop.

    I also did the Elsmere Canyon Loop this morning, which offered some interesting perspectives of the 14-5 Interchange, as well as the San Fernando Valley. The Creek Trail on the way back was beautiful, and a welcome relief from wandering around the power lines and dilapidated oil lines/equipment near the freeway. Can’t wait to go back to do the harder trail, and conquer The Beast!

    Definitely appreciative to have a website like this to give me ideas about new places to explore.

  3. Troy Schoenbaum

    I’ve hiked most of the trails that Santa Clarita has to offer, and now with the open space it gives a variety of new paved trails to hike. The Golden Valley open space had a decent amount to offer. There is a Fire Road where you can go to the top of the mountain ridge and overlook most of the Santa Clarita Valley, and once you get up there you can walk for miles. Also they have a nice new easy walking trail where you can see the old foundation of one of the Walker’s (the Walkers owned Walker Ranch) old homes. Still to this day one of my favorite hikes starts at the bottom of walker ranch. The Los Pinetos trail goes 3 miles straight up to the Angeles Forest, which leads to another Fire Road where you can overlook most of the San Fernando Valley. Its quite a view. From there you can go back the way you came, or if you are feeling more adventurous you can west down the Fire Road towards an unmarked trail called “Viper.” It is more of a mountain bike trail, but I have hiked it numerous times and it is fun if you are in the mood to work a little extra. The unmarked “Viper Trail,” will lead you straight back down to the “Manzanita Trail,” which will lead you right to the Placerita Nature Center. If you parked at walker ranch you can walk back up the Nature Center Trail, as it is only 2 miles back, and fairly easy. If you do all of that it comes out to about a 9 or 10 mile loop and is a good work out and a lot of fun! Have a good summer and watch out for rattlesnakes!

  4. Esteban Pallares

    Just took an amazing hike at Towsley Canyon with my brother! We saw a deer while we were hiking back down the mountain. It was awesome!

  5. I think this is a great new feature! I’m looking forward to getting out there and enjoying the city’s open space this summer.

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