Make a Little Noise out There

Here’s the scenario:

You’re out in the open space, hiking up a steep dirt trail with your Bike with belldog-on-leash, smelling the wildflowers, listening to bird’s songs, and around a turn comes a mountain biker.  But as luck would have it, you were prepared for this meeting because they had a bell on their bike, which alerted you.  It’s a simple thing, but makes for much safer trail experience.  When you’re out in the open space, on foot, on bike or on horseback…Make a little Noise.

Making noise with a bell or other noise making device while enjoying City open space can help ensure safety of yourself and others.  Backpack with bellBells can: identify mountain bikers and hikers to avoid collisions, keep horses from being spooked and give snakes and other critters advanced notice of your presence so they are not startled.




 Other Uses:

Chet says, “Make a little noise! Please wear a bell!”

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Saddle with bellShoe with bell


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