Wildlife Caught on Camera

Southern California’s mountains and canyons are home to an abundance of wildlife.  Please respect the wildlife during your visit.  You are a guest in their home. Visitors can expect to see lizards, birds, rabbits, deer and squirrels.  Occasionally, visitors may also observe snakes, including rattlesnakes, deer, bobcats, coyotes, and in very rare occasion, mountain lions.  If you see  wildlife, keep a distance and remain calm.  If you encounter a large mammal, make noise and try to make yourself bigger.

Please remember when hiking City of Santa Clarita trails to respect the park property, vegetation and wildlife. Our wildlife, such as snakes, play a vital role in the natural ecosystem and are even protected by law.  It is prohibited on our open space to hunt, harm, molest, kill or harass any wildlife.

Here are some images of animals captured on camera in our Open Space areas:



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