Central Park

Downloadable PDF Trail Map:

The City’s 130 acre “crown jewel,” Central Park, is home to a variety of facilities including playing fields, baseball/softball diamonds, the City’s first community garden, Central Bark Dog Park, and a regional cross country course providing a great location for the valley’s local high school and college athletes to train and hold meets.

This 3.1 mile cross country trail is located within Central Park with convenient parking, and it has also proven to be a very popular location for casual day hiking, dog walking, and bike riding right in the center of town.  A new addition to the course, the Central Park Trail, connects Central Park to Newhall Ranch Road. The Course and recent improvements were made possible through partial funding from the William S. Hart District, and City agreements with Castaic Lake Water Agency and Newhall Land and Farming Company.

These trails are open for community use except during limited hours when they are reserved for scheduled races or other special events.

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